Axial Threading Seminar

Carbide Bushings For Axial Rolling Heads

Carbide roller bushings can dramatically prolong the life of your axial thread rolling heads. Conventional needle roller bearings wear out fat, and cause wear on the eccentric spindles and front and back plates. This, in turn, leads to scrap parts as the rolls misalign and track incorrectly on the piece part.

Carbide bushings will not only save you money in the long run, but they will save time as well. Having carbide bushings make it much easier to flip and change rolls; Instead of replacing 36+ needle bearings there are only 3 carbide bushings.

We at RSVP stock a broad range of sizes and are priced much lower than our competition.

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1. Thread Rolling Application Guide
2. Where Is Thread Rolling Being Used
3. The Assembly Of Thread Rolls Into The Head
4. Adjusting The Axial Head To The Threading Diameter

5. Obtaining The Correct Thread Length
6. Preparation Of The Component Part
7. Maintenance & Problem Solving
8. Carbide Buchings

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