Circular Chaser DS Diehead

Self Opening Stationary Dieheads

The style DS diehead is specially designed for use on
turret and capstan lathes. It is quickly adaptable for straight, taper, right hand and left hand threads or hollow milling.

The head is specially suitable for close to shoulder threads as the chasers move back from the shoulder immediately when the diehead opens.

The head is equipped with a lateral compensating float. Chasers and chaser blocks may be released simply by pulling up the handle and sliding back the cup unit. Chasers are interchangeable with DR, DBS and DRD heads of the same capacity.

Diehead Overview


Componet Part Breakdown

* See Circular Chaser & Block Section for available standard block and chaser sizes.

** See DR61 for available standard chaser screws.

** See DR63 for available standard chaser serrated bushings.

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