Diehead & Chaser Seminar

Micrometer Barrel Certification

Handle and protect the Micrometer Gauge as carefully as you would any other high precision instrument. It is very important that micrometer barrels AA and A are set in the correct position in their brackets to give a correct reading in checking the chasers. Check the barrels regularly as follows:

Check diameter of micrometer A spindle by micrometer and note reading.

Loosen wing nut B (refer Fig.11) and lower bracket C until the barrel of micrometer A rests in slot D of the gauge. Retighten wing nut B.

Loosen clamping screw in bracket C. Set micrometer A to the "set Mic" reading marked on the gauge at F. Position micrometer with the spindle lightly
contacting opposite side of gauge block slot at face E. Retighten clamping screw and re-check micrometer reading. If micrometer A is correctly positioned the micrometer reading will be the same as the "set Mic" reading.

Should the reading differ, loosen the clamping screw in Bracket C and adjust the micrometer in its bracket until the correct position is obtained. Re-Iock the clamping screw and re-check the micrometer reading.

When the correct position is secured unlock wing nut B and raise bracket C until micrometer A spindle is in line with micrometer AA spindle. Re-Iock wing nut B.

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Circular Chaser Thread Rolling System - Diehead & Chaser Seminar - Micrometer Barrel Certification Figure 11

FIG. 11. Checking micrometer barrels for correct position.

Operate micrometer AA until the spindle lightly contacts the side of micrometer A atpoint G.

The reading on micrometer AA should be equivalent to half the spindle diameter of micrometer A.

Example: Micrometer A spindle diameter .268"
Micrometer AA reading .134”

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