Circular Chaser DR Diehead

Self Opening for Revolving Dieheads

The style DR diehead is for use on machines having a revolving spindle. The head is extremely rugged and suitable for either right hand or left hand threads. Opens and closes by means of external yoke spool. Chasers are interchangeable with those of DS, DBS and DRD dieheads of the same capacity. RSVP Tooling’s exclusive modular shank dieheads provide the ability to choose the specific shank adapter suitable for your machine or for use in multiple machines. The shank adapter option also minimizes cost associated with shank replacement due to common wear and use.

See shanks page for available shank options.

Diehead Overview

Componet Part Breakdown

* See Circular Chaser & Block Section for available standard block and chaser sizes.

** See DR61 for available standard chaser screws.

** See DR63 for available standard chaser serrated bushings.

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