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Custom Circular Chaser Heads

Not only does RSVP Tooling distribute a wide range of thread cutting die heads, chasers, thread rolling attachments and thread rolls in North America but they are also supported by a dedicated manufacturing division. They have 60 plus years of threading tool production, combined with the latest CNC technology, enabling them to design and deliver solutions for virtually any circular chaser threading application.


Special Services

NYLOX Screws - Replace conventional screws with NYLOX screws to prevent dieheads from prematurely opening.

Black Oxide Diehead Bodies - Increase tool life, combat
oxidation from setting in during machine's idle time.

Keeper Key Slots - Prevent tool pull out; let us modify your diehead shanks.

Single Replacement Circular Chasers and Blocks - There
may come a time when you need just one chaser or block to complete a set. Let us know, we can complete that set and have it running again.

Special Diehead Shanks - The shanks can be manufactured to any configuration to suit your needs.


Premium Grade Materials - S-390 and ASP23 grade materials will increase your cutting and chaser tool life at a fraction of the cost.

Refurbish and Repair Dieheads - All repairs done by our factory trained personnel. If the repair estimate is too costly, or beyond repair, you may trade in your old diehead for a credit on the purchase of a new diehead.

Complete Diehead refurbishment options available including regrind of cup cam and shank / die body rework when specific conditions are present.


Oversize Capacities

Standard threading diameters of circular chaser dieheads may be increased (subject to factory approval) as shown in the chart below. Oversize pipe threads can also be cut when diameters and length of threads are within the limits shown.

  However, specifying standard equipment whenever possible avoids delay and extra expense. An additional set-up charge is made for chasers over standard rated capacity even though thread form, pitch and diameter are standard
RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Circular Chaser Thread Rolling System - Special Circular Chasers & Blocks Charts

Note: Larger oversize thread diameter than those indicated will be consIdered upon application.

Thread Forms


60 DEG Stub
Full Acme


Left Handed
Double Lead
Special Chamfers
Modified Truncations
Chasers made with premium material or coated
Single replacement chasers or blocks
Hollow mill cutters

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Additional Circular Chaser Charts

Standard 4 Per Set
Standard 5 Per Set

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