Circular Chaser System

Here's how RSVP's Circular Chaser System offers the longest tool life over all other threading systems.

Circular Chaser shape allows for the chaser to be ground through a full 270 degrees.
Shape of the cutter permits minimal rubbing action immediately behind the cutting edge to ensure proper lead control eliminating excessive rubbing for smoother threads and longer chaser life.
Chasers body mass and external mounting provides a faster dissipation of heat away from the work, frees chips for faster cutting speeds, and allows for the ability to cut up close to the shoulder of a part.
Replaceable plunger wear groove inserts extend the life of the cutting head.

This system is designed for maximum tool usage and life that allows for increased productivity which saves you more money.

DR Diehead

DRD Diehead

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Circular Chaser Thread Rolling System Product Index DBS Head

DBS Diehead

DRSA Diehead

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Circular Chaser Thread Rolling System Product Index DSF Head
DSF Diehead
DRF Diehead


Circular Chasers Advantages

Diehead & Chaser Seminar


Seminar Outline

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Information Sheet

Deihead Maintenance Check List

RSVP DR Diehead Parts List

Using The Micrometer Setting Gauge

How To Grind Circular Chasers

Setting Chaser Ahead For Grinding

Setting The Grinding Fixture

Grinding The Chaser

Useful Hints On Chaser Care & Threading

Problem Solving

Guide To Checking Block Wear

Micrometer Barrel Certification

Suggested Grinds - 4 Per Set Straight

Suggested Grinds - 5 Per Set Straight

Suggested Grinds - Taper

Chart For Micrometer "AA" Readings

Circular Chaser Dieheads


DR - Overview & Components

DRF - Overview & Components

DRD - Overview & Components

DS - Overview & Components

DSF - Overview & Components

DBS - Overview & Components




DR61 Chaser Screws Component Parts

Serrated Bushing Chart DR63

Grinding Accessories


Grinding Adapter

Micrometer Setting Gauge

Pull Back Wrenches

Circular Chasers & Blocks Charts


Circular Chaser & Block

Standard 4 Per Set


Standard 5 Per Set

Special Circular Chasers & Blocks Charts

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