Diehead & Chaser Seminar

Grinding The Chaser

Bring the chaser against the grinding wheel. Keep the table moving back and forth and do not feed the chaser against the grinding wheel too fast. Take light fast cuts for a good grind without burning the chaser face.

IMPORTANT: Do not grind too close to serrated hole - grind only deep enough for sufficient chip clearance.

If a large amount is to be ground off the chaser face, rough grind first by moving the chaser in approximate position under the grinding wheel and raise the table. This is less likely to burn the chaser. Then finish grind with the inward movement of table.

Grind off the proper amount on each chaser according to the dials on the grinding machine and then check each chaser on its block with the micrometer gauge to see that the correct readings for threading is obtained on barrel A of the gauge.


As further check on the amount of face angle on the chaser, put chasers and blocks together with holding blocks on a flat surface so the slots are parallel:

For Straight Threads bottom part of chaser cutting edges should touch, but there should be about 1/18” to 1/32” clearance at top of cutting edges.

For Taper Pipe Threads there should be no clearance a top since a straight face angle is required cutting edges should touch at both top and bottom.

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1. Seminar Outline
2. RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Information Sheet
3. Diehead Maintenance Check List
4. RSVP DR Diehead Parts List
5. Using The Micrometer Setting Gauge
6. How To Grind Circular Chasers
7. Setting Chaser Ahead For Grinding
8. Setting The Grinding Fixture
9. Grinding The Chaser

10. Useful Hints On Chaser Care & Threading
11. Problem Solving
12. Guide To Checking Block Wear
13. Micrometer Barrel Certification
14. Suggested Grinds - 4 Per set Straight
15. Suggested Grinds - 5 Per set Straight
16. Suggested Grinds - Taper
17. Chart For Micrometer "AA" Readings

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