Circular Chaser DBS Diehead

For Single Spindle Automatic Screw Machines

The style DBS diehead has been specially developed for use with single-spindle automatic screw machines. The outstanding success of this head is due to its rugged simplicity and its power to maintain precision under the most severe production conditions. Two adjusting screws provide simultaneous diameter adjustment, eliminating individual chaser adjustment. Close to shoulder threading is a feature of design. Right hand and left hand threads cut with the same set of chasers, different chaser blocks only being necessary.

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Circular Chaser Thread Rolling System - DBS - Overview & Components Image

Diehead Overview


Componet Part Breakdown

* See Circular Chaser & Block Section for available standard block and chaser sizes.

** See DR61 for available standard chaser screws.

** See DR63 for available standard chaser serrated bushings.

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