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RSVP's Tangential Thread Rolling Head rolls are designed
to offer:

• Better performance
• Increased productivity by reducing set up times
• Better threading efficiency.

RSVP's Tangential system is interchangeable with the Fette style tangential thread rolling system. We can manufacture custom and standard rolls to fit into your existing tangential holders such as Reed, Winter, and Salvo style rolls. When ordering or requesting a quotation on thread rolls the following information should be provided.

1 Type of roll
a. C-1, C-2, F1-ff ect.
B. Working face or hub dimension when applicable.
c, Die prints when possible.

2. Attachment or machine size and type.
3. Part details
a. Thread size.
b. Length of thread.
c. Position and size of should on part if applicable.

Thread rolls are also available for three die machines and can be made for a wide variety of specialty machines.

Contact RSCVP Tooling for further assistance in placing your custom or standard Tangental thread roll order.

Thread Rolls For Standard Attachments
(Two Dies/Set)











* Dimensions must be supplied by the customer

Bump Type Thread Rolls
(Single Roll)

F1 Style

Full Width Work Face

F2 Style

Variable Work Face

Other workfaces may be
provided - as requested.

Y2 Style

Pipe Rolls

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