Circular Chaser Serrated Bushing DR63

Component Parts

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Circular Chaser Thread Rolling System - Serrated Bushing Chart DR63 Chart

Special Services-Price Upon Request

NYLOX Screws - Replace conventional screws with NYLOX screws to prevent dieheads from prematurely opening.

Black Oxidizing Diehead Bodies - Increase tool life, combat oxidation from setting in during machine's idle time.

Keeper Key Slots - Prevent tool pull out; let us modify your diehead shanks.

Single Replacement Circular Chasers and Blocks - There may come a time when you need just one chaser or block to complete a set. Let us know, we can complete that set and have it running again.

Special Diehead Shanks - The shanks can be manufactured to any configuration to suit your needs.

Premium Grade Materials - S-390 and ASD23 grade materials will increase your cutting and chaser tool life at a
fraction of the cost.

Refurbish and Repair Dieheads - All repairs done by our factory trained personnel. If the repair estimate is too costly, or beyond repair, you may trade in your old diehead for a credit on the purchase of a new diehead.

Tin Coating & Black Oxide Chasers for longer tool life

Re-Grind Diehead Cup Cams

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