Axial Threading Seminar

The Assembly Of Thread Rolls Into The Head


Remove front plate (4) and apply a thin coat of grease on the incline surface of it and the center plate (3) and eccentric spindle (5).


Position head vertically and install thread rolls clockwise (1-2-3 or A-B-C) For left hand threads install the rolls counter clockwise.


Install the needle roller bearings between eccentric shafts and the rolls. Carbide bushings are available to reduce roll change over time, reduce wear on front & back plate of the head, which reduces scrap parts when conventional bearings begin to fatigue.


Align front plate and tighten screws, rolls must rotate freely

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1. Thread Rolling Application Guide
2. Where Is Thread Rolling Being Used
3. The Assembly Of Thread Rolls Into The Head
4. Adjusting The Axial Head To The Threading Diameter

5. Obtaining The Correct Thread Length
6. Preparation Of The Component Part
7. Maintenance & Problem Solving
8. Carbide Buchings

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