Tangential Threading - Design of Rolls

Depending on the type of component, rolls of various design configurations can be used (normally design "A" is used). The maximum roll runout on each side can be about 1 x pitch, or in the case of multiple start threads about 1 x lead. The width of rolls must therefore be at least 2 x pitch longer than the effective thread length on the component.

If the roll width is unimportant (Example: journal portion in front, or in front of a shoulder diameter) it would be advisable to indicate the minimum and the maximum width of the roll, as it would facilitate delivery from stock. The tangential side rolling attachment can also be used with its wide arm side pointing towards the spindle.

One set of rolls and one setting gauge are required for every size of thread to be rolled. The first two number groups need to be the same.


Example of roll width and styles for tapered & parallel type threads

Parallel Rolls - Type A

Taper Rolls - Type AV

Taper Rolls - Type A

Parallel Rolls - Type B

Parallel Rolls - Type F

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