Axial Threading Seminar

Adjusting The Axial Head To The Threading Diameter


Head must be in a closed position and loosen nuts (15). Insert between the rolls a thread plug gage, or a rolled component part, or a plug turned to the minor diameter of the thread to be made.


Adjust the front part of the head towards the minus calibration until the rolls make a tight fit with the gage.


Tighten nuts


Thread roll a test piece, generally the thread pitch diameter will be oversize, loosen nuts (15) and adjust head size calibration only ½ calibrations at a time until thread is to size. (Never re-roll a thread.)


If head cannot be adjusted to size, remove the nuts, washers and then the roller cage from the spring housing this will allow for additional adjustment. Rotate it 120 degrees towards the minus indicator, the mark will now appear near the plus mark and there will be enough movement now to produce a gage able thread. To adjust for a larger thread just reverse the previous procedure.

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1. Thread Rolling Application Guide
2. Where Is Thread Rolling Being Used
3. The Assembly Of Thread Rolls Into The Head
4. Adjusting The Axial Head To The Threading Diameter

5. Obtaining The Correct Thread Length
6. Preparation Of The Component Part
7. Maintenance & Problem Solving
8. Carbide Buchings

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