Tangential Thread Rolling

Our RT Tangential system is interchangeable with the Fette style tangential thread rolling system. They will fit into your existing machine tool holders and take the same rolls you are currently using:

RT10 = T12

RT20 = T18

RT30 = T27

By using lathe type machine tools with automatic, power infeed as with controlled or hydraulic automatics, hydraulically operated copy lathe, NC/CNC lathes, etc., it is now possible to feed from the side of the part and obtain all of the advantages of the rolling method. RSVP tangential type rolling attachments are especially suited to produce the following threads and profiles:

Thread rolled behind a shoulder

Extremely short thread lengths

Threads with a very short runout (approx. 1/2 - 1 x pitch)

Tapered threads

Straight knurls DIN 82



The component must rotate for this application.


RSVP tangential side rolling attachments are available in 3 sizes covering a wide range of diameters. It is recommended that the largest rolling attachment that can be adapted on the machine always be used, thereby offering the advantage that the entire work range of the machine can be utilized. Longer threads, maximum component shoulder diameters, and a higher efficiency of the rolling attachment will be attained that way.


Thread Rolls & Setting Gauges

Design of Rolls

Custom Rolls

Tangential Heads


RT10 Overview & Components


RT-20 Overview & Components

RT30 Overview & Components

Tangential Charts


Unified & NPT/NPTF Threads


Metric & Whitworth Pipe Threads


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