Geometric Style Chasers

RSVP Tooling now offers a comprehensive selection of thread cutting diehead options to consider for virtually any job lot size or application. We are proud to offer an economic solution to suit any requirement.

D-Style dieheads are commonly used in automatic or manual operations, mounted in a fixed, stationary position in a turret or tool holder. Known as self opening type heads, they pull open when feed is stopped and are reset to the closed position by use of a reset lever actuated by hand or index of the machine.

DJ Style dieheads utilize the same chasers as D style heads and are made to withstand the same heavy duty applications. DJ heads are used where an opening type head is not mechanically supported or preferred. Referred to as solid adjustable type, DJ heads are suited to threading operations where reversing of the spindle is preferred such as in milling machines or lead screw controlled applications. They can be mounted in a fixed or rotating position.

Samn & Saman Style dieheads are a simple, durable design offering an attractive alternative to acorn type die chasers. Their one piece construction and ample thread size range offer an economic solution for short run applications and those with limited clearance. The SAMN style heads are a basic straight shank design whereas the SAMAN heads are offerd with threaded bodies to screw directly onto standard #1 through #4 acorn holders.

Note: As is the case with all RSVP Tooling Dieheads, we can manufacture any head with customer specific requirements such as ground pilot bore, tap adapter fitting and virtually any shank configuration.

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Geometric Style Chasers System - Head Image
RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Geometric Style Chasers System - Chasers Image


D-Style Geometric Head


DJ Geometric Head


SAMN Geometric Head


SAMAN Geometric Head


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