Diehead & Chaser Seminar

Suggested Grinds

For Taper Threads

This chart is a guide for setting circular chaser cutting tool highs. Grinds for different material may vary according to analysis, condition of machine, speeds and cutting coolant being used. As taper pipe chasers are made with 1-47' taper on them it is necessary to compensate for this taper. When taper chasers are ground and set will have no face angle, and will be square with the base of the chasers block.

RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Circular Chaser Thread Rolling System - Suggested Grinds - Taper Threads Chart
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1. Seminar Outline
2. RSVP Tooling, Inc. - Information Sheet
3. Diehead Maintenance Check List
4. RSVP DR Diehead Parts List
5. Using The Micrometer Setting Gauge
6. How To Grind Circular Chasers
7. Setting Chaser Ahead For Grinding
8. Setting The Grinding Fixture
9. Grinding The Chaser

10. Useful Hints On Chaser Care & Threading
11. Problem Solving
12. Guide To Checking Block Wear
13. Micrometer Barrel Certification
14. Suggested Grinds - 4 Per set Straight
15. Suggested Grinds - 5 Per set Straight
16. Suggested Grinds - Taper
17. Chart For Micrometer "AA" Readings

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